Food Basket’s parking lot was empty.

I should start by reiterating what I said last year.

(The red one is tuckered out from a sleepover. The blue one slumped over moments later, in sympathetic slumber.)

We’re on the road to a family gathering. Holiday traffic is bad, especially on a day as chock full of obligation as this one.

I’m all done planting for the year. I just need J to drill some drainage holes in my already-filled new planters. I’m never one to think that far ahead. But I’ll clean the dirt off the drill bit once he’s done.

It helps me, as I have said before, not to be a long-range planner. I have scans in a week’s time. Both MRI and CT. I get the MRI results immediately, and then get to twist in the wind for a couple days before I see Dr P.

But! I have things to do in the meantime, course I do. Get Young J packed for an exciting overnight trip with his class. Enjoy a visit with my mom. Attend a special event in Young A’s class. Do some translation work a friend kindly passed along. 

All the living you can do in a week. Even when the gloomy inevitable lurks everywhere you look.

Come to Me. But don’t go into the light!

I’m steadfast in my refusal to take things all that seriously.

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