Word to your mother

Heart/soap (from Young A)

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms. All the moms, in every circumstance – joy, expectant excitement, exasperation, grief.

But I also wish an easy day to those who have to put up with this day, those for whom this day is a knife to the heart. Tomorrow will come, and the shop window displays will come down.

In the aftermath of the morning’s festivities, which included breakfast in bed and many lovely cards and wishes and heart-shaped soap, I am lying in bed, enjoying the quiet of the empty house. The plants I bought yesterday are out on the balcony waiting to be potted, and I think that this year, I will probably get to that before July.

(I am doing laundry, because I do it best. There are some truths that cannot be glossed over, even on a Hallmark holiday.)

I’m grateful I get to be a mom, grateful to still be around to get the cards and snuggles, and grateful I can pick up the phone and call my mom. None of these variables are guaranteed, and they won’t all be true forever. I’m happy for the right-now-ness. It can be ephemeral and still enjoyable.

I finished reading The Little Prince to the boys last night, can you tell?

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