Welcome, sentient beings.

Doesn’t everyone do this at the dermatologist?

Maybe you’ve read about me in the Washington Post? Everything I said is true. I don’t wish anyone the uncertainty I have been dealing with since I heard that my insurance company and my main source of medical care may break up. I thought they’d be together forever — but then, I feel like I’ve been hearing about lots of divorces lately.

Welcome to my cancer blog. It has been my lifeline at critical times. Posting has fallen off quite a bit since my life has been in less immediate danger. But some of the steroid-addled posts of 2014 and 2015 may amuse. (It makes me cringe a little to read them now, but I recall they were also pretty funny.)

I don’t have much more to add. If you’re possibly looking for a translator, hit me up. If you’re a Carefirst subscriber and Hopkins patient, good luck to you — hoping you have good options.