Tribute in Light with Freedom Tower September 11 2011, by David Shankbone on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

I was in a hurry this morning. Lots to get done before I rushed out the door to the eye doctor. So I did not get to tune in to the annual reading of victims’ names at Ground Zero. Instead, while I waited for a cake I was baking to be finished, I read some of these. As always they made me cry.

As always, I am angry on this day. As time passes, I think more and more people tend to let go of their anger about what was perpetrated here. People want to move on. I find it useful to renew my anger. My feeling is, I don’t want September 11 to become something I can dismiss with a slow shake of my head and a sigh. It was mass murder, and makes me just as angry today as the day it happened.

This morning I had a new thought. I thought about those who were dealing with cancer or other illnesses when the attacks happened. How difficult it must have been – for them, for their families, for their caregivers. The overlay of something horrible on top of something else horrible.

I’ll try to keep my perspective on this in the coming weeks, when I have to deal with an MRI and appointments right by the UN, at the worst possible time of year to be moving around in that part of the city. It will be inconvenient. If we’re lucky, it won’t be deadly.

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