Pong, by Andy Rudorfer on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

After a day or two of severe ear pain and no hearing – in the right ear this time – I’m finally on the mend… just in time for my left eye to start hurting and being a little irritated!

What this feels like, more than anything, is the game of Pong. The earliest version of the game, with the harsh beeps. The ball is pain, discomfort, unpleasantness, and it ricochets from one side of my head to the other. Now that I’ve had bad right eye, bad left ear,  and bad right ear, I guess it is time for the left eye to have its turn. I’m being proactive and already have an eye appointment for Friday morning. I’m getting good at side effects. (Technically, the ear thing isn’t meds-related at all – just a little added bonus round of awful.)

I got my foot soles shaved down yesterday too. Which was good, because I wound up walking to the ENT and then two miles uphill back home in 97 degree heat. In jeans.

At this point I’ll be really pissed if my nose gets in on the game. It is not supposed to. Back when I was pregnant with Young A, I had nasal congestion for weeks on end, and wound up seeing an ENT who diagnosed me with strep nose.

So really, I guess nothing surprises me anymore.

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