Midday lie-down

I had another busy morning. I sat at the cafe for a while with my laptop and for once I was doing stuff and did not feel like a fraud. But I was working on a flyer to try to get our block party (a month away and very far from being planned) going. There is such a lack of civic engagement on this block (though there has been a petition circulating about a speed bump). I feel like in the past few weeks I’ve become one of the block “types.” I’m just around a lot, with plenty of time to talk to anyone and pet any dog. It’s nice. It’s weird. This has never been my function in any society I’ve been a part of. (Except maybe my dorm in college?) So… why not try to go all roid rage on the block party, see if it actually happens this year?

Bad timing for the roid rage because I got this today:


A pill cutter.

I’m down to 1.5 doses a day. Yayyy! Oh, the spray bottle? That’s to put water in to spray my hair and reactivate hair product when I take off the hats I’m wearing everywhere these days. Thank you to my all-things-hair guru, A, for suggesting it.

I’m home and should have napped but had a phone call with a counselor from Young A’s summer camp, to get acquainted. Also, naps will be harder during the day because:


They had a lawn. They had kids who played on it. What the hell are they doing with it now, paving it all over?! All I know is it involves a lot of sawing and drilling. I hate napping with ear plugs in. So I’m going to need to keep knocking myself out for a while. White wine in the afternoon, the heavier stuff at night.

All of this could be much, much worse. I am aware.

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