the homecoming... 133365, by palo on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Greetings to those who’ve arrived here from my patient profile on The Answer to Cancer!

I’ve been writing this blog with a known audience in mind until now. But once the posts reached a critical mass, I decided I wanted to try to boost this blog’s readership, specifically to include people who, like you or your loved one, may be looking for something beyond clinical information about immunotherapy. Something a little closer to actual, lived experience.

I haven’t been great about tagging the posts by subject (I started to, but my system fell apart pretty quickly) so here’s a rough approximation of what you’ll find when:

Late October: The dawn of the blog. The very beginning of my ipilimumab-induced colitis.

November: The worst of it. Colitis, steroids, and infusions. Finding a way to stay sane during it, finding a way out of it. Also, the end of the road for me with ipi.

Thanksgiving: Things get way better.

December: Processing what happened, anxiously awaiting my next scan in early January, celebrating birthdays and holidays.

January: GOOD NEWS. Immunotherapy works.

Throughout: You’ll encounter posts that have little if anything to do with cancer, links to YouTube that may not interest you at all, and a fairly irreverent attitude. Sorry if those get in the way. I’ve needed to write for a long time, and this blog turns out to have been my point of entry.

Anyhoo, thank you for reading – whether you are new here or have been here from Day 1.

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