Snow day in Brooklyn

It snowed. No, the storm didn’t break any records and I doubt it will have any effects lasting into tomorrow, but it did snow a lot. The powdery kind it’s hard to build with.

We took the kids sledding in the park (officially closed due to the weather, but hundreds of families can’t be arrested for trespassing simultaneously!). But first, we started the day as we do on weekends, with J’s awesome pancakes.

As we sat together eating, Young A piped up: “It’s nice that we are all here together and almost no one is sick.” I asked him who is still sick, because he and Young J both had strep and just finished their courses of antibiotics.

He looked puzzled. “You know, that tunnel thing?” he said to me, meaning the MRI and CT scans I just had.

He didn’t say “cancer.” He didn’t talk about my lungs. But in spite of my insistence that I am fine, he still sees me as being sick. Poor poor little guy. It’s one thing for me not to be able to feel like I’m truly in the clear, but for a kid who’s not yet 5 to also mistrust my health is pretty heartbreaking. I don’t want to let him down by getting visibly sick ever again.

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