Welcome, new readers!

C’mon in!

If you’ve found your way here from my essay at Cancer Wellness, welcome! You’ll want to see my About page for some background reading.

If you’re a faithful blog reader, click through the publication link above to read an essay that just may make you a little angry at me.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, new readers!

  1. I heard somewhere recently that people actually take better care of their pets, in terms of following vets’ orders, than themselves in following doctors’. It applies to me, too. You’re not alone. (But put your sunscreen on please!!)

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    1. I believe that! And as parents we take better care of our kids than ourselves. We forget to put on our own oxygen masks before doing theirs. With the change of season, I’m always tempted to just forget about the sun. I need constant reminding that it doesn’t forget about me…


  2. No chance that I’ll be angry at you. I’ve put on 40 pounds since I finished chemo, and I’m back up into obese range. It’s frankly become totemic–if I’m putting on weight, I can’t have cancer…right? (Rationally, I know it’s a complete disaster. But can I battle back to a healthy weight? Not as yet…)

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