One way to fall

I have my latest scan results now. All is well. All is stable. And in a vote of confidence, Dr P is letting me skip my six-week checkup and go three months, until my next scans, before I see her again.

But I’m also getting a little medication reprieve: I will now take meds every other day, rather than every day. This is pretty huge. To be able to count on having regular breaks from the tyranny of a twice-daily three hour fast is very liberating. Dr P also said I’d probably start feeling better. There’s nothing to make you feel worse than hearing you could be feeling better. Right? The fact is, there is a baseline exhaustion I have been living with, a generalized sluggishness which I would love to pin on my meds. I hope that is the case.

As the gap between my crisis years of 2014-2015 and the present widen, so will the anxiety. I know that. Advertisements like to warn us, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” 

Also, just as I started to think about writing this post, a word in Italian popped into my head. It’s a fun word, one you learn in class because it is very, very long and fun to say. And it forms part of a handy proverb:

Chi troppo in alto sale, cade sovente


Which basically means: the higher you climb, the faster you’ll fall. I’ve seen this happen. I can only hope it won’t happen to me.

There are many ways of falling, but not all are bad ways. For the next three months, I’ll be trying my best to keep that in mind.

One thought on “Exhale

  1. *Mazel Tov, Dear Deb!!!*

    I was not aware that you have been keeping *two* fasting periods every day! You will certainly enjoy the new arrangement. I got your news from Mom this PM because your family group message didn’t reach me. Please add me to that group so your future good news reach me earlier! Sending messages is another problem: it takes me forever to type even a short msg on the .puny phone KB, so I will do it via email to do it. Enjoy your new degrees of freedom, and lets hope they keep increasing! Kisses, pa

    Mom showed me the exchange of messages and

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