May Daze

It is Melanoma Awareness Month. Were you aware?

I daresay I did my part for melanoma awareness yesterday, at a very special event in Dallas, Texas. There will be more on that here as it appears online. Long story short, I met some pretty great people, and I got to discuss living with metastatic melanoma with them. And, I came home with a new friend. Any day I make a new friend is a good day.

And while I’ve got your attention… we’re just over a month away from the Answer to Cancer fundraising event for immunotherapy research. Although we aren’t doing the grueling bike ride this year, we are participating in the Family 5K Run/Walk (my prediction: Young A and Young J will run, J and I will walk). And we’d really love your support! We’re in the top ten for fundraising right now. It’s not a competition. But you know, it would be fun to climb up from there… and it’s for a great cause. Thank you!

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