We’re Number (4)1!

counting IIII (cc), by Martin Fisch on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

So someone compiled a list of melanoma blogs, and this one right here made the cut. I’d be more flattered, but it is a Top 70 list, and this blog comes in at number 41. I’m sure there was a highly scientific methodology for the ranking. If you made your way here from that list, hi! You exhibit a lot of stamina, getting this far down in the list. Stamina will serve you well.

The fact is I wouldn’t even want the top spot. Getting that might mean any number of things, none of them good in my mind. It would mean I did nothing but cancer-blog all the livelong day. It would mean I was still in a very bad place with my illness and fear of mortality, and probably still on Decadron, which was great for making me sleepless and manic and prolific (and terrifyingly hungry) but awful for every other aspect of my life. It would mean that melanoma had won out over everything else.

So upon (very brief) reflection, I graciously accept position #41 on the list. I don’t think I’m the best, but I might be the best “Sideshow Masquerading as Melanoma Blog.” When that particular ranking comes out, I’ll be sad if I’m not in the top spot.

And, in the interest of making this post the slightest bit useful, I would heartily recommend that you follow the blog at #22, which is chock full of useful information for patients, including spotlights on the latest in the medical literature.

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