Scenes from a strange land

The kids didn’t want to go march with me on Sunday, so J took them out and I went with some friends. To rally at Battery Park against the latest evil pen-stroke.

People espouse resistance like it is easy. It hasn’t been a month yet. It doesn’t feel easy. What it does feel, though, is necessary. Essential. I have heard from friends abroad who are sad, horrified, sick at what this country is going through. Even if they live in countries that have seen more than their share of bad governments. Somehow they thought we were immune. Somehow we thought we were.

America was a big experiment. The experiment was designed thoughtfully and somehow, with plenty of mishaps, it lasted 241 years before a bunch of louts came in to smash all the glassware they could find in the lab. That’s the image that came to mind today, as I walked through the snow.

I’m having trouble with the fact that as things unravel on a national plane, for me they are going well. My health is on an even keel, and I’m making a lot of connections that are helping me expand my fledgling translation business. Last night and today, I spent some time networking, which for me centers around finding the most enjoyable people in the room to talk to, whether or not they can “help” me. I’m an introvert at heart (when I’m not on Decadron) so spending extended periods of time meeting new people exhausts me, spiritually. But I am excited to keep making progress, making contacts, and eventually even make money.

Add my political exhaustion to my spiritual exhaustion and it’s a wonder I can get out of bed. (I always find a reason, though. Sometimes the sole reason is breakfast.)

4 thoughts on “Scenes from a strange land

  1. Debbie,
    I’m so glad that the news just gets better and better for you, health wise. Best wishes with the “fledgling” business. Knowing you, it won’t be “fledgling” for very long. Love, Franci

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  2. Breakfast is a grand reason and I wish you the bests with your new business! I feel like a heel posting about my fledgling theater company’s upcoming productions when everyone else is blowing necessary whistles and posting photos from mass protests… but it must be done! Invictus!

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  3. Breakfast is a grand reason and I wish you the best on your new business venture. I feel like a heel promoting our fledgling theater company’s upcoming shows when everyone else is blowing necessary whistles and live posting from mass protests (that conflict with rehearsals) … but as necessary evils go, it’s a good one to be having. Invictus!


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