The eye has it

¡Eye caramba!

Annnnnd I have iritis again. Just one eye. Same eye where it flared up this summer. It snuck up on me, this time — a couple days of feeling uncomfortable in my contact lenses, then seeing it not improve much when I switched to glasses. Luckily, no pain or sensitivity to light this time. I went to Dr D’s office yesterday morning (above photo is from there, just one corner of a tiny exam room that is stuffed with lots of… international stuff). A medical student was shadowing him for the day. I’m sure she was surprised to encounter such an odd bird first thing in the day. I told her, cheerfully, “You’ll probably never see this condition again!”

So I’m back on my regimen of eye drops (including the ones I bought in Italy — who says I didn’t bring back any souvenirs?). And my plantar fasciitis is as painful as ever. And I’m on a break from the cancer meds due to the eye thing, so all restrictions on when I can eat are off. Which means… nothing very good.

At least I hauled myself back to the gym this morning, first time in over a month. Resilience is not easy for me, but I have so many opportunities to learn it, I have to believe I’m getting a little better at it.

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