Gone fishing

It tasted... pink.

I’m just keeping a little quiet these days. Nothing to worry about. The kids will finally head back to school in a couple of days, meaning I’ll be able to reconstruct my thought processes and compose coherent sentences more frequently. And exercise. Yes.

I finally had a glass of rosé the other night, since everyone seems to be drinking it. It tasted just like the cheap bottles of white Zinfandel I used to buy myself back in my early 20s, when I had the impression that doing that made me very sophisticated. It tastes about a half step removed from a wine cooler. Perhaps I am missing the point? Anyhow, it was pink, and I do like to drink and eat pink things on occasion. I guess I’ll just focus on the pink drink being lemonade, going forward, unless someone can suggest a pink wine that will really blow me away.

Next post will probably be a book review, since a new one just arrived. It’s about why and how to talk to strangers. Stay tuned!

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