Advertisement, National Geographic, April 1973 (via Reddit)

Brain MRI tomorrow. Fly to Italy on Friday. Have to acknowledge the strong stench of hubris in the room in order to get past it. Actually, it is the peculiar stench of hubris + anxiety. Yes, they can coexist. The anxiety part is what keeps me from being 100% focused on trip planning, I think. Or else it’s the lack of sleep due to anxiety and anticipation of the trip. I think Dr K is imminently leaving the country too, which means even if there is something that needs doing, it won’t get done until we are both back.

I haven’t been even remotely symptomatic, but I did have a brief skin scare over the weekend which led to a visit to the dermatologist yesterday. A sort of humiliating one. Pro tip: Avid bicycling can make your skin do weird things in weird places.

Just to not leave you on that unpleasant note, here’s some encouraging graffiti I saw in the waiting room at Dr P’s last week. Sometimes the implicit needs to be made explicit.

You are strong

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