Prepare For Major Changes

It’s undeniably spring, now. The temperature this morning is 70 degrees. A new month has started. Time for a fresh start! Detox!

It will perhaps surprise some of you that for quite some time, I have been harboring great misgivings about my cancer treatment. I previously posted a video which revealed the unspeakable packaging waste that Big Pharma imposes on its customers who receive their refrigerated medications by mail. And I have written at great length about my treatment’s real (and imagined) side effects.

This morning, in the process of doing the daily cognitive exercises I have undertaken to sharpen my brain since having the gamma knife surgeries, I recited my name, date of birth and passport number correctly, but when it came time to recite the alphabet, I found myself saying the Hungarian alphabet. Backwards.

So, today I set up a conference call with all of my doctors: Dr. P, Dr. K, Dr. D, Dr. S, Dr. T, and for good measure Dr. Z (whom I have never actually met, but who seems like he would understand). I informed them that I am leaving their care to pursue plant-based treatments which I believe will make a big, big difference – because plants grow from the ground. They wished me well, by which I mean they did not object, I don’t think, because there was silence on the line.

Until my patent has been approved, I am not at liberty to discuss the nature of my new plant-based remedy, which, broadly, is composed of leaves from a New World crop (I really can’t say much more). I hope you’ll trust me when I say it’s a major disruptor. It’s too much to explain in a blog post.

I have been experimenting with a variety of delivery methods for my customized plant-based treatment. Pills are obviously well tolerated, but it is hard to grind up leaves and stalks into pill form on the artisanal micro-scale I am doing it… and of course, you need a water source close at hand. That is not always possible. Suppositories are another possibility, but not exactly my first choice. (I know I have discussed menstruation here, but when it comes to suppositories, I can be quite demure.) Intravenous administration is too troublesome.

So I have come up with a prototype that I think gets around many of these issues. It is based on a historical, now disparaged design, but I think it has a lot of merit. For one, it is biodegradable. It is compact, and can be shipped unrefrigerated in cartons which then can be slipped into a pocket or purse for transport.

I’ll be sharing more in coming days about my groundbreaking work in this area, but right now it is time for my next dose, so I need to step outside. I’ll leave you with a marketing poster I’ve been working on with a designer friend.

1969 Ad, Salem Cigarettes, Young Woman In Meadow with Flowers, posted by Classic Film on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Happy April!

6 thoughts on “Prepare For Major Changes

  1. I am glad that you are switching to a plant-based medication. Whichever way you can take it is good. I wish you all the best. The other day I had watched a documentary about how the shamans in the amazon are treating cancer patients with plant-based medications.

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  2. Oh my word Deborah! I freaked out there.. My legs nearly went from below me and I was booking a flight to come and talk some sense into you!!! I knew it was an April fool but I did read it about 3 times to make sure !!! You are a rascal.

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