A very special video message from I’ll Live

It’s my first video for the blog! It’s Chanukah! It’s my very first unboxing video ever!

If you don’t know what an unboxing video is, it is a newish genre that has sprung up, in which people film themselves unpacking items they have received or purchased.

I find it to be a strange kind of fetishization of packaging and materialism and it makes me really uncomfortable about the future of the human race.

Which is why I went and made one, when I saw I had received my latest shipment of trametinib this afternoon. I think I have the Decadron to thank. The camera work is handheld and poor. My delivery lacks a certain energy. And there is unfolded laundry in evidence. But here you go. I hope you like it. Or “like” it. Or just watch it and be baffled.

I’m not at all kidding about the carbon footprint, though. Perhaps others reading this want to help me start a movement to reduce the packaging? There must be better options for refrigerated delivery.

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