My friends!

Free hugs, by Matthew G on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Last night I had friends and family meet me at the oldest bar in Rockville, Maryland. It was grand. As it tends to be when you get together with people who know you from pretty much every stage of your life, from birth to elementary school to junior high to high school to college (all phases were well  represented). J was the person there who has known me for the least amount of time. There was a surprisingly good bluesy band playing, and we cut a rug to “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” which J told me he’d played with his band in college. A late-night run to a diner with friends from junior high completed the night and took the edge off – I had four drinks last night, which I think is a personal record, on or off steroids. I don’t feel half bad today, but I haven’t started driving yet.

Earlier yesterday we visited each of my brothers and their families – one on each side of the Potomac – and the kids had such a lovely time playing with their cousins and the dogs and jumping on two different trampolines.

Today we battle the highway to get back home. It may take hours longer than anticipated. I’m carrying with me such a full and happy soul… which may prove even more useful than EZ-Pass.

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