The waiting

Golden Fortune Cookies, by Sherrie Thai on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

I’ve nearly made it through the weekend before Scan Day without losing my mind. However, there is still an entire day to get through with the kids. Young J is having a playdate, and Young A has asked to have a subway adventure. He wants to go to Grand Central and get a cookie. It’s a beautiful Sunday, though, so I’m going to upgrade that to an outing in Bryant Park, the most quintessentially New York park I can think of. Many times I have repaired there after a job interview, or to hear poetry readings, or just to sit at a table on the gravel walkway under the tall trees and pretend I am in Paris. I’ll see if Young A is amenable to being that existential. (If not… there is always the carousel.)

I’ll undoubtedly be exhausted by the end of the outing, but a happy Young A is worth all that and more.

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