Meet the neurosurgeon

Today I entered a new province of the hospital – Neurosurgery. Different view from the waiting room, different forms to fill out. The neurosurgeon wants to know which side you favor, right or left. Good thing he isn’t talking politics. Neuro neutrality. The neurosurgeon is more of the Sergeant Joe Friday of the cast of medical characters I’ve met so far: Just the facts, ma’am. (Not as hard-boiled though. A nice, mellow Canadian.)

He did ask me about my professional background. That was interesting. Maybe it was all just calculated to make me talk and see if I was slurring my words? Hardtosay. I gave him a brief CV.

I did get up close and personal with my brain imagery today. Here’s what I saw:


Holy moly.

Looks like a bunch of x-rayed beetles, I know. Let’s zoom in.


The top image, the MRI from the ER, shows the area with the largest tumor, in mid-April. That’s the large white rose-like area. The bottom image shows the same area, last week. Notice a difference? Looks like something off The Weather Channel. I prefer the bottom forecast, don’t you?

So, insurance and other things permitting, I’ll be going for a ride in this thing next Tuesday.


The party starts early, 5:45 a.m. But – like so many things in my Cancer Journey thus far, it hopefully ends right in time for lunch.

Right now, though, Q train, pleeeeease don’t let me down. I’m going to hear some Baroque opera at the Alliance Française, and I’m hoping not to be late.

(Hoping Not To Be Late: A Cancer Life. Eh? Ehhhhh?)

2 thoughts on “Meet the neurosurgeon

  1. Thank you for sharing those images. I will make sure the tumors disappear completely. I am sending you and the neurosurgeon a lot of love and best wishes.


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