A little break

Another day of transformation, by Desiree Cooper (taken with permission from Facebook)

It’s the weekend, and I’ve pushed hard all week to turn this place into a present-day media entity of some sort. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve lots more to learn, and I’ve definitely got to add all this stuff to my CV.

But – and I hope you will forgive me for a little silence – I have GOT to manage my rest better. I managed a 12 minute nap this afternoon – and I know this because I set a timer for 20 and woke up when 8 was still left.

I may not post until Sunday night. I am feeling fine and you shouldn’t worry at all. There is some value in shutting up for a while!

And of course Sunday is a special day for me – the boys made me turn my back as they produced my gifts from their backpacks and put them on a shelf to not be touched until Sunday. I will not peek, because I promised not to.

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