My Arsenal

Fairmount Cemetery, by Gary Cooper on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Nurse Practitioner R has given orders.

Tonight: The operational portion of Operation Sleep All Night begins. (This is a very different sort of thing than Operation Sleep Damnit! I & II which were launched when the kids were babies.)

1700 hours: Eat an orange and a cookie and take third and final dose of steroid for the day. Resume maniacal blogging.

1800 hours: Shabbat dinner. A good, heavy one prepared by Mom this week. Meatballs and pasta. I’ll have a small tumbler of red wine. There is pie too. I’ll practically be in food coma before the meds even kick in.

1900-2000 hours: Children react to pie, shun bed.

2030 hours: Lights out. I will lie in bed anxious with anticipation. And unable to eat more pie, due to two hour eating moratorium before the most venerable and important drug, dabrafenib.

2230 hours: Dabrafenib down hatch.

2235 hours: Brush teeth, ready for bed.

2240 hours: Prepare arsenal:
1. Benadryl, 25 MG
2. Lorazepam, 1 MG
3. Melatonin, 2.5 MG
4. Water.
5. Rubber mallet.

2245 hours: Switch off phone and hand to Corporal J for safekeeping. At no point during the night should phone be returned.

2250 hours: Melatonin for Corporal J too.

2300 hours: SUCCESS?????

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