100 Days

3:1 Days Go By, by TC MORGAN on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Apparently I’ve blogged 100 times. It doesn’t seem like enough of a number and yet of course it’s also far too much, because what I’d be doing if I had my druthers is ride 100 miles on my bike, have 100 more darling kids, spend 100 more amorous years with J, eat 100 things I shouldn’t, compose 100 sonatas for the piano, write 100 collections of sonnets, meet with 100 students a week who need research help, visit 100 places I’ve never been, learn 100 more languages, earn $100 bazillion and give $99 bazillion away to what matters most. And that would be the first day. A good day, and I’d sleep well that night.

In the real world I’ll just keep writing this little blog on my little phone. Have some big ideas for new posts. Have a notion if I can spend any time sitting up in my desk chair I’ll finally get around to properly posting categories for these posts.

But really, this whole thing is just anti-death and anti-shit insurance, so I’ll just keep it up.

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