West Lawn - Relentless Slide of Entropy, by Justus Hayes/Shoes on Wires on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

I saw my surgical oncologist yesterday, after my scan. It was a routine visit that happened to coincide with my scan. Dr S thought he was being nice, pulling off my scan results early for me. In reality, it was only one page, which generally had reassuring news (although there are masses and things I’d rather not know about), but the page with news about my lungs was missing. So, sum total? Useless info. I’m sure Dr S was being nice, but it wasn’t nice enough. After some lame attempts at searching the various unfamiliar terms, I decided to forget all about it.

I went home and slept. That’s pretty much my state these days, everything is either before or after sleep. The during isn’t even worth mentioning. Even if I get good news tomorrow – which I’ll be happy about – I’ll still be in the dark about this constant fatigue. Which is why, after my appointment with Dr P, I’ll head to Brooklyn to see my primary doctor. Perhaps she will have some wisdom for me. Maybe this is mono, or chronic fatigue, or something with an actual diagnosis and a plan of action. I am definitely in need of a plan of action.

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