One week left

As They Destroy the World, by Mikko Luntiala on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Things don’t seem super rosy right now. Just admitting this in the interest of full disclosure. I wish I could hit fast-forward on the entire week between me and the scan. Not helping: general exhaustion, lack of exercise, bad eating, extreme dissatisfaction with my body type, and getting annoyed by the kids, due mostly to my own monthly hormonal fluctuations. My dad is getting a pacemaker immimently, and I wish I could be more present for him right now.

(Ironically, work seems like the best place for me to be right now. I’ll be happy to retreat there tomorrow. I have a class to team teach with a new person I might even become friends with. Making new friends at this age – a rare and welcome treat.)

Things will be fine but I wish they could be finer, sooner.

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