How not to go crazy

A list of things I did today to keep myself from going crazy and from wishing this day didn’t exist:

– Took the kids to school.
– Went to a class at the gym.
– Caught up with a friend from class who’s been much, much sicker than me.
– Had tea and a long talk with another friend.
– Made for lunch the most awesome kale omelet, ever.
– Watched Young A and two school buddies scoop up all the snow they could find from the sidewalk outside school, and throw it at each other.
– Hooked Young J up with some friends to go sledding with.
– Watched as Young J managed to get through his homework and practice piano even after all that sledding.
– Sat at piano and played some Satie while my family quietly puttered around behind me.
– Read White Snow, Bright Snow to Young A at bedtime.

There. Now I won’t ever wish this day hadn’t happened. It was worthwhile.

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