Red jelly, by Christian Guthier on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Third day in a row with a sick Young J at home (he would otherwise have been in school through today, the perk of a Jewish day school). Today his fever is gone, and his voice just came back while he was eating lunch. He got so used to whispering, though, he keeps forgetting he can talk, and then gets mock-annoyed with himself.

We cleaned up the horse farm we built yesterday, and started building a natural history museum. Young J graciously let us sit at the table to build (J and I are finding it harder and harder to sit on the floor as we age). He always wants to start with the building (and then we never get around to the exhibits) but today he agreed to build a dinosaur first. By lunchtime we had the rudiments of a museum in place (and a Lego minifigure in a wheelchair testing the accessibility of the place).

It’s hard not to feel a little trapped, after three days at home. I wanted this to be the “fun” sick day where we could go on an outing, but I think Young J still needs to recover some more, his coughing fits need to abate, and of course it’s pissing rain outside.

Today I was scheduled to get a haircut, but had to reschedule, and the nearest date I could find was January 7. That’s the day I get the results of my scan. I decided on a late afternoon appointment, to accommodate my doctor’s appointment, lunch with J after, and/or time to have a drink and absorb whatever news I get. I like the idea of having something else to do that day, I just hope I’m up for it when the time comes.

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