Summer torpor

School’s out. The kids’ final report cards came in the mail… but they weren’t here to receive them. Last week, we dropped them off at camp for three and a half weeks. It is our summer vacation. Even though it’s the third summer in a row they’re gone, the sudden silence that descends over the … Continue reading Summer torpor

High pass

I’ve done it again — passed my scans with flying colors (even though a pneumonia was still visible on the CT images, alarming Dr. P, who wasn’t sure I knew about it! Oh, I knew). My next MRI is in three months, but the CT scan is not for another SIX. Wahoo! Since these scans … Continue reading High pass


“It’s not what you think.” I have spent my life telling people that, explaining why my last name obfuscates my family origins, why my physical appearance does not obviously place me within my ethnic group, or why I have such an easy time eavesdropping on the subway. Now, another layer of identity has been overlaid … Continue reading About

Beginner’s mind (AIM at Melanoma Patient Symposium @ NYU Cancer Center)

I had a rough week. After waking up one too many mornings feeling like the previous night was spent with my lips to the exhaust pipe of an idling truck, and after downing my umpteenth pot of Throat Coat tea, I admitted that I was still feeling lousy and I didn’t know why. I went … Continue reading Beginner’s mind (AIM at Melanoma Patient Symposium @ NYU Cancer Center)


It’s been a while. I didn’t do my customary post on Young A’s birthday. He’s seven now, although I think he’s still shedding some of the skin of six, like the molting snake we saw in the Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo last week. The boys were off school all last week, and Young … Continue reading Pressed